Raphael About me
Name: Raphael Holzdeppe
Date of birth: 28 September 1989
Height: 1,81m
Weight: 78kg
Event: Polevault
Coach: Andrei Tivontchik
Club: LAZ Zweibrücken
Personal Best (Outdoors): 5,94m - 2014/2015
Personal Best (Indoors): 5,82m - 2012m

Sporting Career Highlights
2013: World Champion Moscow, 8th European Indoor Championships Gothenborg, Winner - Diamond League Rome
2012: 3rd Olympic Games London, 3rd European Championships Helsinki, 2nd German Championships Bochum-Wattenscheid, 3rd German Indoor Championships Karlsruhe
2011: Participant World Championships Daegu/KOR
2010: 9th European Championships, 2nd German Championships, 3rd German Indoor Championships, new Indoor personal best (5,70 m)
2009: U23-European Champion, German Junior Champion, 5th German Championships, 7th German Indoor Championships
2008: 8th Olympic Games in Beijing, U20-World Champion, U20-World Record (5,80 m), U-20 Indoor Record (5,68m), 3rd German Championships, German Junior Indoor Champion
2007: German Youth Indoor Champion, 2nd German Junior Championships, 3rd German Youth Championships, 9th German Indoor Championships, Participant European Junior Championships
2006: 5th World Junior Championships, 3rd German Youth Championships (Indoors and Outdoors)
2005: Participant U-18 World Championships, 9th German Youth Indoor Championships

Athlete of the Year 2008
EAA Waterford Crystal Rising Star 2008
Runner-up Junior Sportsman of the Year 2008

My name is Raphael Holzdeppe. I am a 26 year old polevaulter. I started polevaulting when I was 10 years old. What initially started of as a hobby, turned into a profession.

My greatest achievement to date was, becoming the first German World Champion in polevault in Moscow (2013). In 2008 I jumped a new U-20 Indoor Record Indoors of 5,68m and in the summer of the same year I equalled the World Junior Record of Maxim Tarasov (5,80m). I also qualified for the Olympic Games in Beijing and was 8th in the final. In 2012 I won the first medals on senior level. Bronze at the European Championships in Helsinki as well as bronze at the Olympic Games in London.

My support team is an integral part of my success. They include my club, LAZ Zweibrücken, as well as my spnsors Nike, Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, Sporthilfe Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, Landessportbund Rheinland-Pfalz and Red Bull. In addition to this my coach, Andrei Tivontchik, as well as my medical team (Dr. Frank Krämer and Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt) also plays a very important role.

New Years Meeting - Pole Vault in a tent

Perche Elite Tour - Rouen

PSD Bank Meeting Düsseldorf

Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe

ISTAF Indoor Berlin

Clerment-Ferrand / FRA

National Indoor Championships Leipzig

World Indoor Championhips Portland / USA

10.05.2014     Athen | GRE - 5.42m (5.)
30.05.2015     Eugene/Oregon - 5,80m (3.)
04.06.2015     Rom - 5,56 (6.)
04.07.2015     Paris - 5,71 (5.)
09.07.2015     Lausanne - 5,76 (2.)
17.07.2015     Monaco - 5,72 (7.)
24.08.2015     Peking - 5,90 (2.)
06.09.2015     Berlin - 5,44 (5.)
09.09.2015     Aachen - 5,70m (4.)
11.09.2015     Brüssel - 5,55 (6.)
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